About Me

I'm Samantha. I'm turning a quarter of a century this year, and have been obsessed with Mini Coopers since they debuted in the USA in 2002. In fact, I now own my SECOND Mini Cooper. I'm freshly tied until death do us part to my BFF, who I affectionately refer to as Hussy (I mean, who spells husband as hubsand? So why is it Hubby?) I'm a ball of energy. I'm loud, I talk constantly, I laugh a lot, and my favorite t-shirt says Rub Me on Your Butt. It's a bar of soap people! I type like I talk, but I'm constantly on duty as Grammar Police in any other portion of my life. I text message in full words, and can't stand when others don't.

I bought our house when I was 21, husband was 20 and still in college, and we were merely dating. It's come a long way in a short time, and it's constantly evolving. It's been a wonderful learning experience on what contractors NOT to hire, and what projects are best DIY'ing.

I'm always designing, and REdesigning every element in our little house at least once a week. Testing new colors, patterns and furniture layouts. I love photography, so this blog is to not just show case my designs, crafts, and other banter about my life, but also to test my photography skills.

We're cheap.This is why we have an 864 sf 1950's rancher fixer upper. I've gotten into thrifting to save a buck, and fixing up the pieces to look less... thrifty. Our furniture may not be the sexiest (who am I kidding, that dining table has some beautiful curves!), but everything in my house functions to fit our lifestyle. I try to mask the flaws and highlight the features. I'm obsessed with accessorizing and setting up new vignettes and centerpieces.

I guess I need to state the other obligatory tidbits about myself, like my favorite food (velveeta macaroni and cheese and tuna mixed together), drink (Dr. Pepper with a lemon in it), color (wait, I don't think I really have one anymore!), music (anything 90's and classic rock) (oh, and I jam out to the Rick Astley Pandora station at all times at home. Try it, you won't be disappointed.) (Unless you don't like that type of music, in which case... I'm sorry. It really is good jamming music) (Also try singing into your paintbrush and hair comb. You'll totally feel like a rockstar) (No, I promise I'm not 13. And I'm done with the parenthesis).
Lastly, though most importantly, I'm 4'11". So all those pictures that LOOK like I'm on my knees taking photos, is really eye-level. Welcome to my world, where a step stool is required for reaching a water glass, and pillows are necessary to see over the car dash. Hopefully soon you'll heart mini too.