Monday, June 8, 2009

A quick update after a nice weekend.

So much has been going on this past weekend. We went out to lowes to get more mulch for the garden, and I totally forgot to pick up more pink paint for the chairs. However, I at least remembered to take a picture of them together so far. We have decided to knock out all the major home repairs in one swoop over the coming weeks. This includes a new roof (taking off two layers of shingles, moss, mold, repairing a leak, installing new gutters, and replacing the chimney vent), new windows(replacing the ORIGINAL 1951 windows with energy star, tax credit worthy ones with grids and vinyl wrap for the wood frame outside), painting the entire exterior (can't afford the siding, sadly), taking down two trees, and POSSIBLY leveling out the awful original porch with concrete or something of the like and covering with new material, possibly slate. Drew picked out the new house colors from an arts and crafts idea pamphlet at Sherwin Williams, but even though we have a mid century rancher, the colors are really relaxing and very natury, so I agreed to it. We're also going to borrow his dad's tiller and put grass down on all those dirt mounds like in the picture, and eventually install a new fence. The chain link isn't doing it for me.

We also finished the mulch on my garden, however I forgot to get a finished picture! This will have to do for now. And you can see the very faded yellowy color of the siding, and the blah blue concrete foundations. Those rocks were scattered all over the entire front and back yard. Some we even dug up. They weren't set out anywhere fancy, just laying around. Drew grabbed a wheelbarrow, hauled them all to the side of the house, and we carefull picked out each and every stone to line the garden. When we went to Lowes, I was looking at the different edging for landscaping and the sizes equal to the smallest rock in the picture were $3 a piece. We probably layed down 20-30 rocks to line this itty bitty area! We saved a lot of money there. We're using the rest of the rocks to line the side area thats covered in lemon balm and different grassy plants. One day!

We also have Sunday Dinner with his folks every weekend. I love playing with the girls in between reading the sunday ads and the latest Miss Manners installment, and of course, the food. It's been so nice out, and Drew's mom has been coming home with new toys for the girls to play with outside every weekend. A couple weeks ago she got that Barbie jeep, and this weekend she got that truck for the youngest to play along the older girls. I must say, I'm extremely jealous of the jeep. I had a monster truck power wheels when I was a kid, but longed for my own Barbie car. The girls are growing up so fast. I love taking the one on the hood to the park. She's like a mini me with the blonde hair and wears pink from head to toe. People frequently think she's mine.
The littlest one is the poster child for perfect babies. She's always laughing, and loved to come get me to play with her. And I just love the long locks on the one in the drivers seat. She just got her first haircut, and it's still growing like a weed! She has amazing art talent, just like her mom. Everytime I come over to her house, we love to draw and make stuff. I thought I would be sad when the first two, who are only 2 months apart, weren't babies anymore. But it's been so fun watching them grow and learn new things. But it's nice still having another baby around to play with, and rumor has it the long haired one will have a sibling in the near future :)

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  1. Love the ice cream shop colors and the Barbie jeep!