Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's been a while

Since I moved my craft room upstairs, it's been super hot. Considering it's not an actual upstairs, but a finished attic and there is no central air in our house, it's miserable. I quickly threw together my neice's dress one cool day. Her face lit up when I told her it was for her, and that I made it. My sister and brother in law went to the beach with the kids, and they sent me the pictures afterwards. She apparently wore it everyday they were there! The fabric came pre-smocked, and I made a shirt for myself long ago. I had enough leftover fabric to stretch around half her body, so I just went back to the store to get another half, added some buttons that looked like the orange slices on the fabric, and used left over fabric from my BFF's apron we've been working on and walah. She has a fun summer dress that has definitely gotten some miles on it!

We just signed our life away to have trees taken down, and our lot has so much sunshine now. I love waking up in the morning now because the sun is bright in my room, and I take a shower to natural light. I LOVE IT! I used to love all the shade since we never got rained on walking to our car, the yard was always cool, and the house was always cool too. But we took the plunge and I wish we did it sooner. I don't mind a little rain (I don't even own an umbrella, just rain boots so I can play in the puddles!) and the house is still surprisingly cool. We also signed a contract the other day to have the house exterior COMPLETELY redone. I don't mind being broke knowing that i'll have a beautiful home to enjoy for many years to come. We thought we would move sooner than 5-10 years, but the house is in great shape after all our updates and repairs, and we're 4 and 8 miles from our jobs, and 10 minutes to everything you could think of. 3 hospitals, 5 malls, great schools, an $800 mortgage payment and our electricity bill is $30. Come on, can you really beat that?

In other news, I just spent the night in the ER. I've had bad chest pains and my hand went numb and tingled 2 nights in a row. The first night it subsided, but last night it kept going. It still hasn't gone away, and they didn't give me any real diagnosis. Story of my life, I swear. So back to the PCP again. BFF and I baked what we thought were delicous Ande's filled brownies. Only 1 person other than us out of 5 others liked them. They said it was too minty. Oh well, more for us! Hopefully I can get back into crafts soon. My wrist is bruised up from them drawing blood, so it hurts to put pressure on it typing on my laptop. Curse having hidden veins! I guess that's enough of an update for now!

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