Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In Living Color

I would like to introduce you to one of the most recent transformations in our home: the living room. I'm not posting what it looked like when I actually bought the house yet. I'll save that for when I actually finish the all important accessorizing. But this bad boy was how it looked when we moved in and decorated. The sofa and loveseat combination was bought new by my parents in 1998, along with that coffee table and two matching end tables. It was the most comfortable sofa ever, because it was nice and worn in. However, it was really ugly. And didn't recline. We spent 2 years with that set before we decided to move on to something to better fit our taste and needs.
I wanted a darker finish coffee table and end tables, in a more stylish design. He wanted reclining furniture. I like color! He likes neutrals. I also wanted more stylish accessories. He didn't care. He just wanted that red wall and black trim gone. I was growing tired of it myself. So this is what I interpreted from both of our wants and needs. I'm working on the pillows next, and we got new table decor, but overall it's a great mesh of our visions. It's a totally neutral pallette, that will have bold jeweltone accessories. And that all glorious pony head from Target that he expressed a total disinterest in is now the best feature of the whole room :)

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