Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Painting Tips

We've been doing a LOT of updates. Which means we have quite a bit of practice, and have learned some tips and tricks along the way. I finally thought to document some helpful hints to get the job done with just a few important tools (some do double duty!).

So you decide you just HAVE to repaint that room AGAIN! Well, that's always my favorite phrase every few months. But I was brainwashed enough by commercials to finally try the Behr Paint+Primer:

And I loved it! I first tried it on my former black trim. I turned it from black to white with ONE coat. ONE!!! I ended up going back over it again in some spots that I realized I was a little light on. But really, one?! So I decided to just go ahead and spend the extra couple bucks to get it in my bathroom paint as well. I'm glad I did again. It's so nice and thick, and covers so well. It did take two coats because I went pretty dark and had a light color behind it, but it beats the pants off primering first.

But lets not forget prep work! I am really bad about this, not only do I hate dismantling, but I hate having so many tools in my way. Since we repainted the entire house before moving in, I had a real a-ha moment when I was opening up probably the 5th can of paint. I realized the tip of the paint can opener was the same size as the end of the flat head I used to take off the switch plate. Seeing where I'm going with this?

You guessed it. I was so happy to have just one less tool in tow. Also, when I was trying to remove this switch plate, I realized it was stuck, majorly, to the wall. Well, that handy dandy paint can opener comes to the rescue again!

Also, I've never understood why people waste SO much time taping off trim for edging. I always just use it for super tight corners only, such as around my bathroom fixtures. So when I went over to my moms to help her repaint her guest bedroom, she was actually shocked I didn't have tape with me! I introduced her to... dun dun dun:

Have you ever looked to the left of the paint counter at Home Depot and realized they have a sign that says "best" "better" and "good?" There really is a difference in quality depending on your brush. I'm sure some are thinking "well, duh Samantha." But you'd be surprised how MUCH better they are. I'm fond of the Purdy brand, it's never let me down. But I have NEVER needed painters tape once I discovered this heavenly brush. I can cut an edge almost perfect everytime, and my mom even became a pro at cutting the edges.

Painting is faster, easier, and better looking. So go for at least the "better," but it can't hurt to have the "best!" Be sure to wash out the brush when you're done until the water runs out clear. You don't want to waste such an expensive investment!

There's one thing I learned from the outrageous advertising efforts on Clean Sweep: Clorox cleaning wipes are good for cleaning up paint booboos on walls. If you accidentally drip on the baseboards when painting the walls, just wipe it off. It picks up the same as a wet washcloth, but it doesn't leave it wet like water would.

Now go get cracking on those (hopefully a little easier) painting projects!

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  1. I ADORE this paint!!! You are right it's amazing!!! I painted my bedroom by myself in one afternoon with ONE coat! That's totally worth the extra $10 bucks!!

    You have a totally sweet blog - I'm enjoying going through it!!