Monday, May 3, 2010

I love lamp.

It’s no secret, I love acrylic ball lamps. I love them so much, I have 4. 4 of them in my house.


9Then I saw the floor lamp version at the mall and fell in love… but I was worried it would be overkill. I mean, that’s alotta balls. Then I saw it on Restoration Hardware’s site.

Wilshire Floor Lamp

I didn’t fall in love with the floor lamp version, in fact I did think it was overkill after looking longer at it. But the name drew me in. Why? It’s called the Wilshire Lamp! It’s like they KNEW that I loved those balls so much, they had to name it after me. Or a variation of my name. But who cares, my love of this lamp has suddenly grown stronger. Or at least, the lamps I already own.

Don’t worry Hussy, I don’t want it. I still long for this one:

Sigh. One day, my sweet. You will be mine.

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