Friday, May 28, 2010

Long Time No See.

I know it's bad blog ettiquette to state the obvious: I've been away. Or apologize for being missing for so long. Especially when I have like 2.5 readers. But I'm breaking the mold, and saying I Sowwi for disappearing, because since I have SO MUCH to tell the internet! Like the kitchen is coming along and it looks AWESOME! And I missed like 2 Thrifty Thursdays, yet I have so many goodies to show you! Oh, and I pretty much chopped almost a foot of hair off!

I have been in a great funk. A funk of "I don't want to blog, I'm so bored all the time since things have been so slow, and I hate this whole stand-by waiting for items to ship and can't keep renovating." So what do I do? Obviously, I just chop off all my hair. I always grow it out, then when the mood strikes, like, say, during an epic time in my life, I sit in that salon chair and don't think twice. I did this when I first started dating Drew. I did it when got a great job offer. I also did it when a hairdresser ruined my hair by chopping off random chunks and thinning it out with a razor. I looked like she blow dried my hair while I sat in a bath tub, and not a chair. Electrocuted people, I'm saying I looked like I was electrocuted. And this was a mere 4 months before I was going to get married. Wouldn't most people panic about this? I didn't. I don't care what I look like, I'm here to party. On my wedding day, I put my hair half up, slapped on a little eyeliner and shadow and walked down that aisle looking like ME. I didn't hire a hair dresser, or even a friend, nor a makeup artist or any other fancy money-wasters. I simply don't care how I look THAT MUCH.
Well today, I kind of looked more like a middle aged newscaster. No offense if you are one, but hey, I got that great volume like you! Everytime I cut my hair, I forget HOW MUCH hair I have until it's gone and what's left is extremely thick. It's a lot, guys. My normally stick straight hair is now curling under because there's so much freaking hair sitting on my shoulders. I was actually mildly upset I had to go to work looking like a volume junky. Until I actually got to work, that is. Maybe it was the classic pencil skirt mixed with the button down, also classic, white top that helped me out, but I got compliment after compliment all day long. Needless to say, I feel better about how it looks, and it finally inspired me to blog. I know it's just hair, but it's motivating hair!

To be perfectly honest, I have about 5 posts already written. I've literally had literature ever since my last post. I've been so lazy to post them though, because I haven't edited the pictures to go with them. How sad is that? I really plan to post them all starting tonight. I'm going to make Thrifty Thursday come not on a Thursday. I'm going to update you on kitchen stuff that's long been finished. But you know what, if it takes a bad turned good hairday to make it happen, I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I'll leave you with a photo that perfectly portrays my littlest niece's second birthday party that I attended while I was avoiding my blog. Sprinklers and cupcakes, people. What more could she have asked for? Oh, I could just eat her to pieces. Not just cause she's covered in chocolate cupcake. Ok, so that helps a little.


  1. Your hair is stunning & your niece is adorable! I hate waiting too..... our house is half built. Our builder went under so we had to wait for quotes & we're now still waiting on insurance! Our dream to build a home in the country began in 2007 & since then we've been WAITING for the council permits, WAITING for the contracts, WAITING for a new loan (our bank went under too), WAITING for the concreters, electricians, builders............ WAITING! I can't wait to finally be in our home. :)

  2. Thank you so much for such a sweet comment :) I can't imagine waiting for all that to go through for so long! I feel like I'm constantly waiting for our house to be mostly complete (so I can move on to fun stuff like accessories!) but I'm much more appreciative that we can live here while it all goes on now. Good luck on your home building quest. I too can't wait to get our little country house one day, so I know at least what THAT wait is like!