Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Room Makeover: Mom’s Guest Bedroom, Part 1.

Last night I visited my mom because I have a special surprise up my sleeve, and I needed to grab some of her linens from our family to use for the project. We sat for 1-2 hours going through all those table cloths, collar holders, hankies, and blankets. I came away with a bunch to use for my project (which I can't document til I give to her!) and some for myself.

Of course, finding so many different patterns that matched the room so well, I just had to use a few throughout the room. But lets take a step back for a moment. Back to, what, 2 years ago? When I offered to help clean my moms spare room (which was formerly my first bedroom in the house, and then turned into the office) for her birthday. It was a long process. A daunting process. Full of painting walls, ripping up carpet, and starting the layout and decorations from scratch. I wanted a room she could go to relax, read magazines, heck, take a nap if she wanted to.

The problem was I moved out, her BF moved in, and the room was just full of all of our stuff that had no other place in the house to go.

CIMG7907CIMG7911 CIMG7909

It took a year. ONE FULL YEAR to take the time to get all of it done. I ordered the bedding and curtains off ebay, side table from IKEA, mirror was my grandfather’s, and the rest we pulled things she loved from all around the house. Here is what we put together as the after:


IMG_4646IMG_4657IMG_4666 IMG_46672IMG_4662 IMG_4664
And then after tonight’s fabric fest, it looks like this:



Just a few more patterns thrown in. It's not Design Star worthy, but it's a room full of things she loves. I think she likes it :) and I like that she let me work on it, because heaven knows I love a fresh design project. Thanks mom!

So please stay tuned for the second part to this series :)

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  1. Amazing transformation! The after photos of the room are very inspiring. I've talked with my husband about renovating our room. What I like most is the stainmaster carpet (Tampa) that we purchased from our local store specializing in residential flooring and hardwood (Tampa). The color is amazing and the texture is a real pleasure to our feet. By the way, I love the yellow paint in the after photos- it definitely adds personality to the room. Thanks a lot for sharing!