Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Always Growing To-Do List Just Grew Some More.

So you remember that whole kitchen remodel we’ve been tackling for, oh, I don’t know, 4 months? Well, it’s about 99% done. Literally, all we have to do is hang 2 more panels and install our shelves back in place. But we’re lazy.

Well, not THAT lazy. Last weekend, while Hussy was out for a dudes day, I tackled this room:

11 Wow, it’s crazy to see what it looked like a week ago! Well, Muscle Woman over here tore down all that paneling AND carried it outside with her own bare hands. ROAR. Of course, that’s the prettied up version of wood paneling. This is the true beginnings of this room  when I signed the dotted line on this house:

16Want to take it back even farther old school?

Yeah, that’s my family in this dining room. When I was probably 12ish years old? I kept my grandparents dining table and tried to update it some:


I said TRIED. We ended up selling off the set for a longer table in a cherry shade and I’m still collecting dining chairs :)

So, as I twiddle my thumbs for Hussy to cut the cabinet panels so they can go up, I’ll be working on, and showcasing, the projects going on in this room. Get psyched people. This room won’t be like any of the others. We’re putting the move to the country on hold, so I’m bringing the country to the most appropriate room in the house. Where we eat our home cookings!

TO tide you over, I’ll give you a peak at some inspiration I pulled for this room, though almost everything that will go in here I already own… so my inspiration was limited to what worked with what I’ve got!

I love the white slip covered sofas, and all the different shades of wood popping off the saturated whiteness. This goes along with our white slip covered dining chairs, and with a lot of hand me down/given/purchased wood items in all different shades… I’m lazy. And don’t feel like staining.

{Country Living}

This is by far my biggest inspiration. It’s bright, it’s welcoming, and that oar reminded me of my wooden spoon and fork I need to work into my room. I also fell in love with the shade “Agave” by Behr, and realized it’s a lot like the shade of her estate sale find in the bottom left corner of this picture. Even the collage on the wall could be used in our room to cover up all the eyesores I don’t feel like fixing that loomed behind the paneling for decades.

{The Lettered Cottage}

More inspiration for the “Agave” drawers I want/need/must have:

{Perfectly Imperfect}

The shelves, the pitchers, the green apples, all the things I love. And those birdcages are awesome!

{The Old Painted Cottage}

I LOVE this space. It’s so calming. The dark woods contrasting off the white walls, the white accessories fading into the background, the dark accessories molding into the shelves, and those barstools? Obsessed! I wish our ceilings were tall enough to create beams on. Hmmm… how tall are they again?

Casual Open Beach Kitchen

{Coastal Living}

Black on white again, wood tones, and lots of texture. Are you seeing a trend with these ceilings though? I’m going to go crazy until I get get these babies on my ceiling!

Black & White Modern Master Bedroom

{Coastal Living}

Can you picture what it will look like now? Pretty cut and dry, really. Stay tuned :)


  1. Love the inspiration pictures! We recently installed a faux beam in our dining room to cover up where we'd taken out a wall and we love it! If you guys are seriously considering the beams, here's how we built/installed ours:

    And now how it looks finished:

    Good luck with your dining room!

  2. Thanks for the information! I'll keep contemplating it for a little while since our ceilings are super low. But I would just love to have them!