Friday, July 2, 2010

A Kitchen Renovation: Chill Out!

Our old fridge has been in this house for a VERY long time. Long enough that I barely remember my grandparents buying it. That means it’s REAL old. It was pretty dirty


And it was starting to show it’s age elsewhere. Wasn’t making ice properly, the water wasn’t filtered so we couldn’t use the door. Probably not the worst problem in the world if the thing still kept our food pretty cold, which was the point of the fridge. However, that’s a lot of space taken up by an icemaker and water dispenser when we actually like to store more than 2 meals. We decided to replace it. And benefit from a tax rebate.


Bye bye fridge. You’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

Now. In with the new! It’s a Whirlpool. Surprisingly, sold out since we bought it!

IMG_6606Why did we get a french door/bottom mount freezer? Well, it’s not because it’s trendy. Or the fact that it’s so much more expensive than a side by side and I just like blowing money. It’s cause it holds a TON of food in the fridge part, and wider things than we could previously fit. Also, the bottom mount freezer means I CAN REACH EVERYTHING! Power to the shorties!

This one sticks out less than our old one. It’s almost counter depth! IMG_6648

And is seamless with the doorway.

IMG_6660 Now time for a little flashing. This fridge isn’t shy.


Oooohhh aaahhhh. My favorite part is the can dispenser. Just open up that perforated area on the box, and slide the dispenser plastic bin over the end of the box, and pop it in the door. That grip is solid too. It’s almost tough to pull out a can, which is important in ensuring it staying tucked in it’s holder.


bliiinded by the liiight. Look at all that space! There’s only one lone TOE-MAY-TOE in the veggie bin. Hopefully that will change soon since I so embarrassingly only have condiments and beer stocked. Yes, I dedicated an entire shelf to all our beer. My man is pleased.


Here’s the freezer. I love that I can get to it from both sides comfortably as well as overhead.

IMG_6656 I was shocked to find how many bottom mounts didn’t seem to have room for pizza boxes. Call me unhealthy, but that’s a staple in this house. Every week. Except this time, because we just ate our last box. It’s so nice and roomy. Swooooon :)


I’ll leave you with a goodbye from Ceiling Cat.


He’s watching what you eat, so you don’t have to.


  1. Awesome fridge! ...and the very last picture and comment is priceless :)

  2. Baby Ruuuuube -- wahtchen wut u eetz so u dun haf to! hahaha