Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No Excuses.

For my absence… except I really actually have some. Like my busted laptop that crashes every time I open a Windows program (WTG FOR REMINDING ME WHY I WISH I COULD AFFORD AN APPLE!). And my crazy crazy job that wears me out. And all the pictures I had saved in folders on my desktop are locked. Which were conveniently labeled “best shots” and is where I throw every good+ edited photo I ever took. The best part is Windows jerked out on me, and now my screen looks like it’s from 1995. I can’t even change my toolbars! Yay me!

However, I’m still getting super sweet comments and emails from you guys even while I’m completely MIA from blogging. And my delightful husband lights a fire under me all the time to get back into this, since I enjoy it so much. SO. I’m going to deal with the crashes until I get a new laptop, which could be anywhere from now to never.

See, I work at this super awesome company that gave everyone in the company a bonus. And they didn’t just send a mass email to all the employees saying “go you for working for us! here’s $400 pretax as profit sharing in our bajillion dollar company.”  I was thankful for anything after not getting a raise for years because of The Economy. Yes, I capitalized The Economy, because it’s a lame excuse for everyone’s financial lives sucking so majorly in at least one way. Anyhow, my new company knows no matter what you do, you’re a big part of the success of the first full year of our hugely successful start up company. We hit a major milestone. Major. And the CEO personally rounded us up to personally hand out personally signed bonuses. To every single employee! It was at the top of my most incredible days ever. It was also very humbling to see someone give back from all her hard work invested into getting her company rolling to the rest of us in such a big way.

The best part about this is that we wanted a camper. Not just any camper, my dad’s old camper. My family stays at the lake most weekends, and it’s so peaceful and relaxing to just get away to this place.


We used to go to a different camp ground back in the 90’s (grandma moment! I’m reliving the glory days!) that had a cafeteria, dances on the weekends with loud music, and lots of hot guys. Ok, so I was 13. That’s pretty much all I cared about other than the music. I wanted so badly to have my own little camper to stay in my own little campsite with my own little family. We made a deal with my dad to buy his camper once he found an upgrade. He found his upgrade, and we’ve been saving like crazy for our a) camper b) campsite which seemed easy enough. But no, we need c) jet skis plus SOME electricity from d) generators. That $1,000 camper deal quickly turned into $6,500. But remember that bonus? It perfectly paid for the camper. Like they KNEW we were going to spend our entire fall and spring cooped up in our house saving for our leisurely spring and summer next year. So. Very. Thankful.

Also, this means no more of this:IMG_7179

Though it was kind of fun until it rained at 3am one night. Which really sounded kind of awesome to be one with nature… until nature made me have to pee, and the bathroom was a 3 minute walk down the road.

OH! And super awesome company also gave out Christmas presents on top of the bonus. THE most comfy blanket ever. Color me jealous of even myself Winking smile

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