Wednesday, December 29, 2010

O After-Christmas Tree!

Every year around Thanksgiving I go Christmas crazy. We put up our wonderful white tree and decorate it Thanksgiving weekend. I tune to our local radio station that plays nothing but Christmas songs until Christmas day. I also set my Christmas Pandora station at work until I ran out of time on my account Sad smile And now I even get to decorate the work Christmas tree too. I’m so obsessed with holiday cheer that it’s hard to take down the Christmas tree. Which I can attribute to my childhood, since we’d usually be found with it still up in March.

We always hit Target after Christmas for all the clearance deals and pick up next years Christmas cards (which is always a surprise a year later to remember what we picked out) and I hit the ornament aisles for next year’s color theme. We started dating on Christmas Day 2005, so our first legit xmas was 2006… where we had a 2 foot tall Barbie Tree:


Then the day after Christmas he surprised me with my white tree… which he brought home in his Miata with the top down.


We had pretty much NO ornaments or a tree skirt. But we had Cooper and that was good enough. After Christmas we picked up more red/white/black ornaments for 2008’s Christmas.


And added even more after that Christmas for 2009.


But after 2009’s Christmas, I was sick of the red/white. I switched over to blue and purple to match our other decorations. However, after Christmas this week, I went a little crazy when I saw all the kitschy, perfectly “me” ornaments they had this year:



And here’s how she looks now:


A little crazy since I just threw the new ones on in between what I already had on there, but I love these new ornaments so much! We’re throwing an After-Christmas/New Years party this weekend, so I may put some of them away and keep out the new ones. I can’t bare to put them away already! Also, MUST SHOW OFF NEW STUFF!

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