Sunday, April 11, 2010

Apartment Therapy is Having Another Contest.

And of course, this girl had to enter. So I spent the last two days rearranging a little to please the camera, and taking a LOT of photos. Since I could only submit 5 pictures and 1 floor plan, here are the ones that made the cut (click the photos to enlarge):

 8 9

10 11



This is also me showing off the final touches of my Spring makeover around the house, since I never OFFICIALLY posted photos of it :) The floor plan was from Floor Planner. It’s free for personal use, and all you do is measure your rooms and build each one according to the measurements. I threw it in Photoshop and added samples of my paint colors from My Perfect Color to each room to show the color scheme. Soon the kitchen will PROBABLY end up matching the living room, but I may feel more daring. We’ll see.

AT asks for fuller shots rather than vignettes so the whole room can tell a story. I’m all about some close-up shots, mainly to hide everything that’s going on around it. The problem with taking pictures of a room, is that everything may look awesome in person, but what it shows like in the camera can be a whole nother ballgame. I ended up needing to beef up every single table with bigger, brighter accessories in the living room because the MONSTER furniture took over the shot. I spread out the dining ensemble and set the table with plates to lighten up all the dark wood that inhaled the room. I also shot up from down below to get the most ceiling, floor, and lighting that I could to brighten the room even more.

Lastly, I moved the dump chair from the far corner to the opposite side… and you can see what took it’s place. Yep, I moved the new vanity into the living room. It’s actually what I’m sitting at typing this right now. It’s a great desk, and my other landfill chair is seated at it. I planned on painting it this weekend and reupholstering the cushion, but I got lazy. But looking at the room with the accessory switcheroo, I actually like where everything has ended up. The camera can definitely help you decorate. You pay more attention to all the details that work together to create an atmosphere.

I’m on stand-by waiting to see if they publish my entry. I don’t know if they really choose certain people to post and turn others away since I’ve only entered once before, and made it pretty far in my division. But this time I won’t be grouped with random people from the South. This is the Small Cool Contest, where you’re actually grouped with people who have similar square footage… so you can really visualize what you can do with your entire home, instead of how to work with color. I’m in the Small division, which is surprisingly the LARGEST category in the contest. There are people entering with less than 400 sf of living space!

So stay tuned to see if I make the cut and they throw me in the contest. I’m excited to see how far I can get this time. Though, my space is far less exciting than most of the awesome entries in there so far!


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