Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Topping the Cake.

I spotted these figurines at Goodwill many moons ago, the night that Goodwill gave me 50% off everything I bought.


These puppies ended up being $1.63 for the set! Can you believe that? They even had attire similar to ours.

DSCF0973 Poofy dress, even a pink bowtie! I just knew these had to be our one year anniversary cake toppers… since ours were thrown out, being fresh apples and all ;) But the hair and eye colors were wrong. His was blonde/blue (like me!) and mine was black/brown (like neither of us). So with a little acrylic paint from my stash, I slowly made them over to look like us.

IMG_4318 IMG_4326

Then added a little sparkle to her dress to make all the bling in my dress:

IMG_4329And ta-da! Ready to go for our one year anniversary, cake cutting, top layer eating festivities!


The hard part was keeping them a secret from Hussy. I succeeded for WEEKS, until he looked at the pictures I took of them on my camera our anniversary morning. So he got to see them before I got to put them on the cake. Oh well, we don’t do presents/surprises well here anyhow :)

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  1. I love perfect finds! How cute! I hope you and your friends & family had great day.:)