Friday, April 2, 2010

Let There Be Light.

We're coming to an end in our deck railing project. FINALLY. I'll be posting pictures this weekend of the finished product, and maybe even a little deck christening of sorts.

In the mean time, I couldn't help but notice this light fixture in Shades of Light's sponsor ads all over my favorite blogs:

Isn't it to die for? I know I have a cheap fixture in the bathroom already, we don't really need a new one. Especially when we have a kitchen reno about to begin. But man, oh man. That has to be the most beautiful piece of art-made light fixture I've ever seen. To convince Hussy to go for it? Probably worth more time and effort than the $200 pricetag.

And look: they're even teasing me with a frameless mirror like ours below it. If I could get a match for the kitchen, we'd REALLY be in trouble...

or in luck. Since, you know, we're on the hunt for a new kitchen fixture anyhow ;) What's another bathroom light fixture going to hurt?

Speaking of kitchen light fixtures, I put together a little sampling of my favorite finds to help me choose something to put in the kitchen:

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  1. That's very attractive and having a lots of beauty. I like your light's shade. This is very helpful in my new project. Thanks for post.