Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Vanity Fair.

I spotted this vanity at Diversity Thrift exactly one week ago:


and immediately recognized it as the same style as my dining room table. Which, fittingly, also hails from Diversity Thrift.

IMG_1874 I texted a picture of it to my mom while I was standing there staring at it, and said how I wanted it so, but I just couldn’t pay $50 after dropping so much cash on a wardrobe refresher. After all, this family is on a strict budget. That’s how we get things done around here, like deck, bathroom, and kitchen remodels. Well, mother dearest came through and offered up 50 beans to get that vanity. All it took now was convincing Hussy it was a necessity to be able to get ready in the light, since I’ve spent the last almost 3 years getting ready in my hallway mirror. Why? Because behind it is where I store all of my getting ready stuff, and that only made sense:


Not. I severely needed a better lit area to get ready in.

I went back to DT on my lunch break today, and the vanity was still there. However, this time I realized that it was actually a different price before the $50 I saw it for sale for. It was originally marked $70 on 3/17. It moved down to the $50 on 3/29. I counted 12 days for that price drop, and realized it’s been 10 days since that. On a whim I went up to the registers and asked how often they drop the prices. I was told every 2 weeks, so I asked if they’d drop it for me now since it’s been ALMOST 2 weeks since the last drop. She pulled out her trusty calculator, and gave me a 20% discount if I bought it RIGHT NOW.

Not wanting to feel pressured, I said “I’ll think about it” and walked back to the vanity and called my mom. I told her about the discount, and that I still really wanted it, and then the unthinkable happened. A man walks up and starts touching the vanity! The vanity I just asked for a deal on! He was opening the drawers, looking it over, and not realizing I was giving him a hard “back off pal, that’s mine!” stare. My hand was even rubbing the legs while he was touching all over it! In fact, my mom didn’t know I was giving him the stare either. She didn’t even know I was silently competing for this thing. So I say to my mom on the phone “yeah, I’m about to walk back over to the register now and get it” and he realized I was doing the stare, and walked away. It hit me I would be upset if I didn’t take this home. I mean, where else will I find a vanity in decent shape that I obviously love the style so much for just $40? Not many places :P

So I went back to the register, plopped down my $42 after tax, and my $10 refundable deposit (to secure it being held in the back until I could pick it back up after work) and went on my merry way.


Hussy met me there after work, I got my deposit back, and DT helped load the vanity in the back of the truck. They even gave us a blanket to protect it on it’s journey home! Here it is next to the dining table just to show you how identical they are. Shame they won’t be sharing the same room so they can be all cute together :(



Of course, as soon as I put it in the bedroom, Rupert just has to make himself at home. I don’t have a stool for it yet, so my Eero Aarnio pup will have to suffice until then. Or maybe my bed.


Although the room is now packed with furniture, at least everything is being used! It’s hard to work with 864 sf. Or maybe I just need to be more creative. I do have a blank corner in the living room… :)

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