Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So Fresh and so Green, Green.

I decided to put together a new dining table centerpiece since the rest of the house is getting a Spring makeover. I wanted something to work with the pitcher my boss and his wife gave us as a wedding present, so I raided the craft room and dining chest for ideas. This is what came out of it:


The fabric is actually a skirt I never wear. When I was going through my fabric scraps, nothing was screaming at me, but the skirt I put off hemming was.


It had a black sash around the waist, so I just tied a bow around the base of the cake stand. For the top of the cake stand, I grabbed a vase from my dad’s Mayor’s Ball and filled it with some flowers I had lying around the craft room and a couple pieces from the arrangements I made with my last Dollar Store batch. I also grabbed two of our signature Granny Smith Apples from the kitchen and two baby salt and pepper shakers to top it off.


Those two green glasses came with the pitcher, and the small green candle holder was my grandmothers. I also pulled out an oil dispenser with black olives and green leaves from Hussy’s sister/brother in law. I took a cue from the chrome tip and grabbed the stainless silverware and chrome carrier and our stainless napkin holder to add a touch of shine.


One last aerial shot to finish things off. I’m so Google Maps. I love changing out the centerpiece any excuse I get! I also spend countless hours perusing the interwebs for inspiration, so if you have any good ones, hook a sister up.

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