Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deck The Halls!

After a little procrastination, I want to finally share our Christmas decorations. We didn’t go all out this year, in fact, we didn’t even get to the outside decorations! But I did put out a few of my favorite things inside to inject little hints of jeweltones.

IMG_1239You can see the pillow covers I sewed to match the purple and blue jeweltone decorations we have.


I got these shiny trees from Target last year on 75% clearance. I switched out the picture in the frame for one of our engagement shots by the wonderful Erin Murphy :) The pony head and the shiny frame (that I got at Diversity Thrift for $1! I love that place) work with every seasonal decoration we put out, so you’ll just keep seeing them! And I love my white tree :D

IMG_1235 I got this bowl from an aunt. I saw it at her house and asked if I could have it. I must have been one persuasive little kid! I filled it with white flowers and silver ornaments. Simple, but adds nice texture to the table. I got these damask candle holders from target 2 years ago. They match the curtains perfectly.

IMG_1230 The poor painting used to have our last name in letters on it, but several parties of it falling later, it’s just a painting. This is our first year with a (fake) fireplace, so we finally had a place to hang the stockings other than the tv stand :P


I took leftover fabric from the wedding to make a snowy look on the fireplace, then added a bunch of blue, purple, and white decorations.

IMG_1226 I wanted a Hippopotamus for Christmas :)

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  1. LOL - just followed your link from Bower Power and I NEED your hippopotamus! He is too cute!

    ...and now I have Shirley Temple stuck in my head. :)