Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree.

Although we haven't been able to find time to put up the outside lights, we were able to decorate the inside of our house. Most importantly, the tree!

We've held on to all kinds of Christmas decorations for years, but we decided to donate a bunch of things that have just sat in the attic every Christmas to charity. Hopefully someone will enjoy the things that we didn't.

Next up, trimming that tree! I just had to have a non-traditional tree. I ended up painting a picture of a tree our first Christmas living together 2 years ago. I'd been eyeballing this white pre-lit tree for ages, so Drew drove to target after Christmas and picked it up 75% off, and drove it home top down in his Miata. Yes, in winter's freezing cold temps. That's love, baby.

Drew had to do the top of the tree honors. Since, you know, I'm short.
Of course, with a new holiday, it means a new table setting. I just used some old Avon cups, black martini glasss, potpurri and a matching candle holder/salt pepper shaker set on top of left over fabric from the Barbie wedding dress I sewed.

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