Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: How to Wrap the Perfect Present!

Or as my old sweatshirt said, Yo Santa, Wrap it Up!:


I’ve been wrapping presents for so many years that I’ve gotten this jazz down to a science. The hardest part will be explaining it. Cause it’s hard to cop skills, you know? I’ve always been a creative one, always scoping out projects to work on. So it comes as no surprise that I would love to wrap presents. Nor should it be news that I love making them pretty, and fixing them up way more extravagant than necessary for something that will be ripped to shreds faster than you can say Merry Christm. Mhm. So I’ll try my hardest to help you wrap your thoughtful somethings to make the outside look just as nice as the contents inside.

Here goes nothing! Step One: turn on Christmas music or a Christmas movie, and pour a glass of wine.


Then place your present on the wrapping paper, front of your gift facing the ground. Pull the end of the wrapping paper roll up to the top of the present about 1/3 of the way across and tape in place. Pull the roll of paper up and over your taped end and make a fold or cut where it crosses over the taped edge to mark where to cut. Then cut all the way across your paper.


Pull your new cut end over the taped edge.


Tape the paper in place.


Here’s where it’s a little harder to explain. Pick an end of the present to start on, and press the end of the paper down to the bottom of your package. See where I have that flap in the middle fold where the paper doesn’t perfectly line the bottom of the present? Press your paper down to crease it like I did then pull the paper back out and just cut a straight line across your crease and around your entire end if it’s uneven. Press the paper back down so it should show a perfect white square on the floor/table and make a crease down each side like shown.


Take the right creased side and fold it down towards the center and press it down to a crease. Repeat on the left side.


If you have anything hanging off the edge of your perfect triangle, like I did, fold it over out of view. No one will be the wiser.



Then fold your end up and tape in place. Repeat on the other side. You have now, hopefully, wrapped a present with paper.

Now onto the ribbon:


Cut a really long piece of ribbon. As long as you want since whatever excess you have can be curled. Using the halfway point of your cut as the center, wrap the ribbon around the BACK of the present then bring it to the front and cross your left side over your right to make an X.


Now pull your NEW left side up, and your NEW right side down. They should now be crossed over like a tie. Tie a knot and feed one of the ends behind your knot and tie again. Just do what you can to make it secure.

IMG_1090 IMG_1091

Then simply curl your ribbons with the blade of your scissors and tie more on if you’d like for fullness.

If you want, you can cheat your way through all that ribbon mess and tape the end of your ribbon to the back, wrap the ribbon around the front and tape it, then go back around the front and tape it in the back again. Then plop on a premade bow or just add curled ribbon to the front.

IMG_1093 IMG_1094

Or if you’re like me, add some flair of the alcoholic persuasion. What? It matched the ribbon! ;)

If this was too confusing, PLEASE let me know. I may make a video to make it a little easier to comprehend! Hopefully next Tutorial Tuesday will be easier, and not done at 11:41 pm Tuesday!

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