Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Family Photo.

Our first year in our house, we sent out pictures on our Christmas cards. Because we’re cliche, not arrogant :P We didn’t do it last year, but this year we decided to do it again. Here’s the first year’s shot, when we just had Cooper:


Man, our hair looked awful! And cooper was half his current size!

Well this year we have another cat to have in the photo. I’m sure you can see the slight struggle with just one kitty. It was much harder with two. Since Drew gave them catnip, we had one mellow cat, which was Cooper, and one majorly hyper cat, Rupert. After many tries, we finally got one good one. I’ll be sure to post it after it’s been mailed out so we don’t ruin the surprise. But here are the awesome outtakes:

Poor cats. But since Drew had to have the cats in the picture since they’re family, we tried the best we could to include them. And after uploading these, I realize Drew is sitting the same way in the ones I’m holding the cats as the first year we did these. Some things never change!

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