Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh, Snow!

Yes, I know. You’ve seen a million pictures of the Blizzard of 2010. But this is different. Why? Because I didn’t post it when it happened. Or the day it happened. Or even the week it happened! You got it folks, I’m late. So just a *reminder* of what we went through, here’s a recap.




I spied a MINI on the road! I thought they were crazy to attempt to go out in this. Why? The reason we’re stopped is because of a vehicle stuck in the intersection, and then the car in the right picture got stuck when the other was finally moved. And no, that tow truck didn’t help anyone out. Why? Because THEY got stuck too!


So why was I toughing it out on the road? Surely I wasn’t taking chances in my MINI. The secret is out. We did something very not mini. We bought a vehicle that the MINI fits in the back of. But you know what? We were able to get rid of our cabin fever and offer help to those in need.


Ok, so our driveway is starting to look like a used car lot. But we now have a car for every season. I took the MINI out to work today, and I couldn’t get it back up the driveway when I got home from work. So it’s a blessing we got a 4x4 monster in the nick of time. (this also means we’ll be able to do more renovations now that we have means to transport it!) Anyhow, the grand total was 11 inches of snow as of Sunday morning.


Then we got more tonight, and expect more this weekend. You can bet we’ll be testing out the 4x4 some more. And offering more help to anyone that’s stranded or needs a little push and shove out the way :)

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