Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Red, Red, Whine.

Many years ago, 2005 to be exact, I was the wee age of 19 when I purchased my first Mini.


Yes, I’m on my second one. It is an obsession, people. I named it The Short Bus, I became a celebrity on the Mini Cooper Forums, I went on drives with other Mini owners, I made lots of friends with that Mini. There was one small issue, which seemed pretty major to me at the time. Sure I could do drives since I had a license, I could hang out at Brusters for the Ice Cream socials for all ages, but I wasn’t allowed to go to what sounded like an awesome event: Cooper Vineyards Mini Cooper Rally and Wine Tasting. They even gave out complimentary wine glasses! But alas, I was under 21, so I missed out on the fun. But I was so very lucky the nice people in the local Mini Club (I was actually one of the first members of BEFORE I bought my first mini. I’m telling you, OB-SESSED) were thoughtful enough to bring me home a souvenir glass from the event: IMG_1906

Sadly, I sold The Short Bus before I turned 21, and didn’t buy the next one until the Mini club members moved on. But they do still have events at Cooper Vineyards which I WOULD love to attend one day. In the mean time, since you’re wondering where this tangent is going, I was browsing Diversity Thrift’s huge selection of dinnerware. Now, when I say huge, I mean a room the size of my master bedroom with shelf upon shelf chock full of dinnerware, cookware, and small appliances, most in excellent shape. Oh, and just a reminder, I’m short. Under 5’ short. For me to spot this was like winning the lottery, in a sense that my life is so sad that spotting this find was comparable to winning the lottery. I scanned each shelf, as long as the room and 3-4 glasses deep, quickly and in the very back, on the very top shelf, and very middle of an endless supply of wine glasses, out popped this baby:


Can you believe it? Some Mini owner somewhere in Richmond was silly enough to part with a Mini Cooper wine glass! Granted, it not only went to a good cause that is Diversity Thrift, but it landed in my sweaty, excited, and satisfied hands. Don’t even let that price tag fool you. Surely I wouldn’t spend a whole dollar on a wine glass second hand! (or would I? you now know my pathetic obsession) (I may have paid way more than $1 if I was forced to) I actually paid $0.50. Pink tags are 50% off the price! This beautiful eye candy was all mine for just half a dollar. It’s a good thing we’re lushes, and our friends are hopping on the wine train along with us, or I may not have had such a great excuse to add to my obsession collection. And let me tell you, I have Mini x-ray vision. I can spot a life size one, toys, and even these thumb print sized ones from a mile away. It’s bad. Really bad. But when a car’s name actually describes your stature, you kind of have to love it. And own one two.

Stay tuned for my next installment of thrift finds. It may be more exciting than this was, but it’s pretty hard to beat a Mini. (especially when it’s supercharged like mine is. har har.)

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