Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Richmond Home Show, and Meeting Eddie Ross.

I was watching TV the other night, and a commercial came on for the Home Show that was coming to the Richmond Convention center the next day. I didn’t think much of it, until I heard the name “Eddie Ross” as a speaker. Really?! Could it be! So I jumped online, and sure enough, he was going to be here. Now, for those who don’t know, he worked with Martha Stewart, Food Network, and has had been in several spreads in my favorite magazines that have ended up in my inspiration folder without me even knowing it.

I hadn’t heard of him before this past Thanksgiving, when I stumbled upon his page through a tweet about his Tartan Thanksgiving table setting:


His perfect blend of shades mixed with antiques sucked me in. I spent a solid hour going back through his old posts oohing and ahhing over his talent. So I went back to his twitter page and realized he was just in Richmond. I mean literally, I just missed him! So now you can imagine my excitement when a full 3 months later he was coming back. I called up my mom, and we set a date to go to the show on Friday.


He is cute as a button in pictures, and he’s even more charming in person. His presentation was fun and full of great ideas.


There were several times he spewed off ideas that I had looming in my own to-do stash. Spray painting this:


with this (yes, I have a can of spray paint on the dining room table. I’m obsessed.):


And recovering pillows like you saw in my living room photoshop. Except he mentioned paying $25/pillow to have them recovered. I do them for about $5/pillow including the zipper in about a half hour.

I also love matting in frames, and wanted to spice things up with mine, but I never took the time to plan out how to make it happen so I just spray painted the frame for a big pop of color in the bathroom, and taped the picture to float in the frame:


His slide show included several pictures I have in my own inspiration files, including the awesome Kelly Wearstler wallpapered hall I’ve seen everywhere, but I wanted in pillow form.

And this image that was in Country Living that I clipped out because of the cute crab pillow and the white pony statues (would you expect anything less?)

After he presented all his how-to’s, I got to have a cheesy photo-op:


Notice he grabbed his floral arrangement to pose with? Darling.

Then this afternoon, I went back to his twitter, and saw that Jaithan must have been live-tweeting, and my unhappy little face was plastered up on his twitter feed! I mean really, I know I was more thrilled than this to go up and meet him!

eddie2 eddie

Though, it probably looks better than my red shaded face up close :) He was such a good speaker and I really would like to go see him talk again. So please, Eddie, come back to Richmond!

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  1. You are such a sweetheart!!!! Thank you so much for coming to the show! it was so nice to meet you!