Thursday, March 11, 2010

Booger Brain

Did you ever call someone that as a kid? I’ve decided that’s what I have. But it’s a GOOD thing. See, I was plugging along, enjoying my Saturday Estate Saling with the Mother Unit, when my throat started hurting. Which turned into a cold, and me not working a full day since then. Hussy was out of town a few days, so I at least got some rest, but no one to take care of my poor aching bones :( So last night was our first night back together since Saturday, and we watched Wheel Of Fortune. I was totally creaming that game, by the way. So Drew pipes up and says, ever so kindly, that boy am I smart when I’m sick. See? This is where I got Booger Brains. Cause I must not be this smart when I’ve got, um, Clear Eyes.

So with my fantastic new nickname, I put it to it’s full potential. I’ve become very close with my house in the last almost week, and I’ve noticed things I never realized before. We design as we go, pick up things we like and mold a room over time. Things usually come together, because when you pick out decorations you like, a room just makes sense. Themes may pop up, or maybe you’re just a natural eclectic that has an uncanny way of making ANYTHING look good together.

Our one and only bathroom has REALLY transformed a lot. We finally have a paint color we (I at least :P) love to pieces, and pulls the darker tones out of the tiles. The floor tiles compliment the wall tiles. It all just goes together to make a very comfortable space for us to get ready in.


We got the towels as a wedding present, and picked out that bathmat because it has a similar color to the tiles and it’s small enough to squeeze in our little space. But taking a step back, each of the elements we’ve put in here piece by piece over the last 3 years go together really well.


Then there’s the little black boxes we also got as a wedding present, that found their home in our bathroom. I planned on getting some black shelves to go beside the mirror, when Drew happened to knock over a picture frame, and as I was about to throw it out, I thought HEY, THOSE ARE BLACK BOXES TOO! So I put them in the bathroom, and they hung on the nail I already had in the wall, perfectly in line with the mirror. It’s like it belonged there, but all I needed was Booger Brain to realize it. Now the sink really ties in to the bathroom. The shape of the ledge mimicks the black boxes and picture frame. The glass faucet matches the pony head cologne bottle and the glass shelf. And the vessel sink bowl even matches the lotion bottle. I’m telling you, I can see everything now. Fair warning, though a little late, I didn’t bother cleaning a lick of this space, so what you see is how we live in here. Toothbrush, tissues, medication and all.


Still keeping things real, I told you that the frame had been knocked over, and now you can see the open edges and nails poking out. I just need to secure it back together and will be using it as more shelving. You may notice I got a new shower curtain, I actually already planned a little spring makeover in here before all of these revelations.


I personally, think this happens to be the most awesome a-ha moment. Do you see it? I spent YEARS wanting a black chandelier in the dining room. Years. That “want” got tossed in the garbage the moment my eyes landed on this Ikea NEW ITEM. Drew questioned it. He even told me to think about it. I couldn’t, I just knew I wanted this piece of art, so it came home and I installed it and haven’t looked back since. Then today, I look at the cake stand I bought with a wedding gift card almost a year ago (seriously, we must have had nothing before we got married). When I saw it, I was all OMG DREW I WANT THIS EVEN THOUGH I’VE NEVER MADE A CAKE IN MY LIFE. I noticed the design on the rim of the cake stand was seriously dead-on the design of the interlocking plastic pieces of the chandelier. I couldn’t have planned something this matchy matchy if I tried, yet, it happened.

I just wish Booger Brain would carry over to Clear Eyes and I can have these smarts forever.

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