Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sprucing Up for Spring

I showed you in my latest Thrifty Thursday post my new lamps. I had these smaller sized lamps in the living room:

4577_103269383435_781808435_2787196_2292828_nAnd I got some flack on HGTV’s Rate My Space that made me realize how tiny they really were.

rmsSo I did just what they said, moved them to the bedroom:IMG_2465 …and sold off my gamecube, saved up some fun money, and finally broke down and bought a bigger version. You just can’t understand how much I love these ball lamps.


They’re way brighter than the old ones, which was a great thing… except it showed off the trim I hadn’t finished. Since September 2008. Why so long? Well this happened a couple weeks later:

CIMG8121 Then the marriage, then the honeymoon, and, well, life. So with the pretty weather rolling in, I decided to do what everyone does when Spring comes. Clean, and spruce up. You saw I got some flowers, and I mentioned pillow covers. But I also bought trim and hall wall paints. It wasn’t THAT bad, but it kind of was. This was just two strips, so multiply this by 12 doorways that needed touching up. THAT’S bad.


So I set the Blu-Ray player to Pandora and hooked it up with my favorite station: Rick Astley.


And did something I’ve put off for far too long. Embarrassing long. I mean, who looks wakes up in the morning and says WOW, I should really wipe off all the baseboards in my house? Not me, obviously.

IMG_2834 IMG_2836


With that done, I set to work. In 5 hours on Tuesday night, I was able to cover the trim in the living room, hallway, bathroom AND part of the dining room.


We’re hitting up Ikea this weekend to pick up the new cabinet doors for the kitchen remodel, but tonight we hit Crate & Barrel just for fun. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Since Target sold out of the chairs I had in my cart since August, they rolled out a new, less attractive chair that’s more expensive to replace them. I can’t bring myself to buy them, and I’m upset I never got the chairs I wanted all that time. Then, I hit the holy grail. The same chair as the original one I wanted is now at C&B, for $40 less a chair!


Look at that cute barstool in the back too! Oh, if only I had a bar to put them under. Now, to convince Hussy they’re worth all that money. So many projects on the horizon (sorry for jumping back and forth!!) and so little time. Or maybe I just have a short attention span. That’s probably more accurate, but at least the house is coming along finally!

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