Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Kitchen Renovation: Another Ikea Road Trip.

This weekend we took our second road trip out to Ikea to pick up the new dark doors.


CIMG6144While we were placing the order, we made the executive decision to swap out the doors we have currently as our uppers with the clear/aluminum doors below. I originally wanted to keep the ones we had and either stain or paint the trim since they were a) expensive and b) still holding up amazingly. However, since these were only $35/piece, we thought what the heck. Lets just save the time and effort we’d put into doing those cabinets into the rest of the kitchen, and just buy these. So the two middle in this picture will be what our doors will look like. CIMG6149

Then I noticed they had the cabinets as a kitchen display behind us. So we walked over and got a shot of what I would look like if I ever made myself useful in a kitchen :)


Then we goofed off while waiting for the elevator. Seriously, it’s two floors. How on earth this thing takes 5 minutes to move between them is beyond me. Lucky for Ikea… well, they’re Ikea. So we had plenty to entertain ourselves with while we waited. Like testing out baby gates.


Then we finally got downstairs, picked up our order (and a little something extra…).


And loaded up the beast for the ride back home.


You thought that we’d start cracking on the kitchen now that we have the main pieces, right? Wrong. Stay tuned for what NEW project has just taken precedence. And you thought I was the one with a short attention span. At least now we’ll have AMPLE entertaining space.

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