Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Spring Forward

I introduced you to the living room mockup a few weeks ago to interject a little style and texture into the living room.


I decided to hit up 3 of my favorite places to update a space: Goodwill, Joann Fabrics, and the Dollar Tree. The easiest way to update a room is to get some cheap vases, Dollar Store flowers, and sew a few $5 pillow covers (zipper included!) on your existing pillow forms. Piece of cake, and super cheap. I’ll touch more on the pillow cases later, since this is THRIFTY Thursday :)

I hit up Goodwill first. I was going to look for frames to put on the frameless mirrors in our living room and bathroom, but two things jumped out at me that I couldn’t pass up. The first was a little jug that was priced at $2.25.


It had a small chip, but I figured with flowers in it, you won’t see it anyhow.


Plus I always like the misfits. That’s all I had until I was walking out and a clock caught my eye. Another misfit, no arms, and it’s cheap plastic on the bottom. But it had a good solid top, and it fit on the bottom snug.


I’ve had my eye out for a clock like this ever for a few months, and I was more than willing to plop down the $3.25 they were asking for it:


I’m debating on what color to paint it, and I may dismantle the clock portion and put something else under the glass. Then I got to the counter, and my total came up to $2.88. Wait, what? They marked them 50% off!


So with my surprise discount, I decided to hit up the Dollar Tree to get some flowers to put in the little jug, and the other vases I have in the living room. For $7.35, I made out like a bandit.


I was able to make 5 full arrangements that will last forever. Ok, at least through Spring before I’ll want to update them again for Summer, but they’ll be back around for next year!





Check out the church directory photo behind our NEW LAMPS :) I’ll be posting another update on the living room redo progress next. Lets just say it’s been backbreaking work.

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