Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put A Hypoallergenic Ring On It.

Lame, I know. But when we were wedding band shopping, we decided to be cost conscious and settled on titanium wedding bands.

He really liked the style of his, and mine was a cheaper version of the white gold ring I loved, but the jeweler couldn’t get sized down small enough for me. See, my ring finger is a size 2.75. I get gasps when I go to jewelers and tell them that. And some “OMG you’re so little!” Holy cow, are you serious? Cause I thought I was a giant all my life! What? If they’re going to state the obvious, I get to joke about it!


I loved my wedding band. It was exactly what I wanted. I didn’t have a matching set. I go against the grain. I like the look of mismatched stacked rings, so I thought, why not do that with the wedding ensemble? It worked well, I was happy. Until my finger turned red. Like, blistering, puffy rash red. After I wore my wedding band and e-ring together for a couple months. I dealt with it for a while, thinking maybe it was just the hand sanitizer drying me out. So I took the rings off for 2 weeks, it cleared up, and I put the rings back on and didn’t use sanitizer for a few days, and took the rings off to wash my hands and left them off until they completely dried. I cleaned the rings, I put clear polish on the inside, I did every trick in the book. Nothing worked. I blister rashed back up every. single. time I wore it.

Wedding and Engagement Rings by samschaeffer.

I finally broke down and asked my doctor if it was possible to be allergic to something that has a reputation of being hypoallergenic. She said yes, and I most certainly am.


I don’t know how, since all I’d read was that you could be allergic if it gets moist under, but I didn’t let it get wet at all underneath! So I didn’t wear a wedding band for a while, and gave poor Hussy a hard time about how much I missed it. Then one night the heavens opened, the stars aligned, and AHHHHH he suggested we look at rings again. I knew exactly what I wanted, but I wanted to try on the other options I looked at a year prior just in case. None of them worked quite like that band I was going to get in the first place, before I found my beloved titanium band. Now I’m outwardly showing the world I’m married again, and it feels so good (and it’s white gold, and I’m not allergic!). As if I couldn’t gloat enough, they were able to size it down to fit me, no issues at all, and the ring only took 10 short days from order to finger. Why couldn’t I have had this much luck the first go round?! Oh, and he went to Jared. Lame again, but I had to do it! :)

Although it’s not the wedding vow exchanged band, it’s just a symbol. All that matters is that I have my Hussy <3

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