Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Autumn Setting.

I spent the evening rearranging and changing up centerpieces around the house to feel less Halloweeny and more autumny. Although we aren't hosting any Turkey Day gatherings, I wanted to take advantage of the warm fall colors before we change out to the jeweltone Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving. Every year I can't wait to clear out the Gobbles and bring in the Jingles, but this year I'm sort of mourning the fall colors so soon.

For the dining room, I already had the fake leaves and potpurri from two years ago, which I had spread around the living room. I took the colors from the leaves and raided the finally organized craft room for some scraps to use. I got a bunch of 1 yard scraps of fabric for about 60 cents each a while back, and one of them was the gorgeous maroon shade I used as a runner. I didn't want it to blend too much with the table, so I threw the linen fabric I had slated to make a pillow or two out of underneath to break up all the reds. Then I took some brown ribbon and tied a bow on the chandelier to warm it up a bit.

On the cake stand, I kept it covered with leaves and then I took two wine glasses and filled them with a leaf and lots of potpurri pieces to bring some height to the colors, but still add a touch of sparkle with the glass.

I didn't want to use anything at our wedding that we couldn't bring back home afterwards and put to use, which is why I DIY'd almost every detail in the wedding to our exact design taste. These hurricane glass votive holders were the main centerpiece at the wedding. I was going to add candles to them, but I'm going for fulltime warmth in here. I've made a habit of keeping even the smallest scraps of fabric because I eventually find SOMETHING to do with them. I had slivers of fabric left over from the pillows I made for the living room, so I stuffed them in the votive holders! The little candle holder was our wedding favor with our names and wedding date on them.

For the living room, I have a small problem. I don't have many accessories that are nice warm colors, or even white for that matter. I had a big bright color fascination when buying accessories up until recently. So I had to improvise. And since Turkey Day is only a week away, I wasn't going to sweat this too much. I stacked one of the red vases on 2 out of the only 5 books I own (here is a etiquette book from the 50's and a photography book from the 60's. yes, the only books I own aren't even mine! they're my grandparents) I layered a shot of downtown that was framed in the bathroom before the latest redesign with a picture of my old mini in the Fall of 05. And lastly I placed one of my grandma's vases on a saucer and filled it with calla lillies from the wedding bouquet I carried at my friend's wedding.

For the coffee table I just took the apples we got at Carter Mountain a month ago (they hold on for a LONG time!) and placed them in the usual white platter with leaves. Simple, but I love the colors.

I decided to keep the picture of my niece just a little bit longer, and pulled the orange candle over to this side table to bring out the pumpkin costume she's wearing.

For the other side table, I collected all the loose corks and put them back in the jar they originated from and set it with my beloved pony and some more fake leaves to keep it colorful.

Boy am I going to miss these colors in a week. We're going to have to put these decorations to use so I don't feel so bad replacing all these amazing warm colors with ice cold silver, white, and shiny sapphires and amethyst shades!

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