Sunday, November 1, 2009

Roomboard: I can see your Halo.

The Xbox room. Inspired by lazy xbox obsessed friends and the Xbox 360 system itself:

  1. The green table lamp is inspired by the green light ring on the console, and the red mirrors above the bed are from the 3 rings of death.
  2. The round pillows on the bed should be obvious: the controller buttons. The white comforter comes from the overall white on the controller, and the gray throw comes from the bottom color on the controller.
  3. The rug is pulled from the logo on the packaging box.
  4. The fan and accessories were inspired by futuristic games, and although you can barely see it, the candle holder on the bedside table looks like a stack of xbox games:
  5. The wall decal is a 4' tall Master Chief.
  6. The base of the side table next to the game chair reminded me of the curves of the controller, the top of the table reminds me of the analog controls, and I provided some GAME FUEL Mountain Dew and power bars for the intense gamer.
  7. And lastly, for said intense gamer, a pile of clothes from days of being glued to the 52" tv several days in a row.
Hopefully SOME guy SOMEWHERE would enjoy hanging out in here. I've convinced myself I'm not as good at designing a mans space as well as a females. I thought it would be the opposite!

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