Monday, November 9, 2009

Roomboard: Meaghans Modern Whimsy Nursery.

I designed this whole room off my favorite crib bedding, by DwellStudio no less (who made my comforter!). All I told Meaghan was that it would be Modern Whimsy. I can get strictly modern when it comes to making someone else's space. However, for a nursery I wanted some cute woodland creatures tossed about for a little whimsical feel. I tried to inject some touches of soothing luxury to keep mommy and daddy happy and relaxed in this space as well. After all, isn't that what a nursery is all about? This is what I came up with:

1. As usual, I went with the espresso wood furnishings, and wanted to keep them less bulky looking with the frosted glass dresser, open legged Poang chairs, and the raised leg side table. I didn't put in a changing table because I feel like it's pointless to invest in a piece that will only be useful for a couple years, for you to just sell off for a dresser. I put a foam changing pad on top of this dresser and ta-da, you're years ahead of yourself! The side table opens like a cabinet door so you can stick your baby books inside for easy reach and they can sit neatly upright for easy pickings. I put up a white shelf to keep the walls light and to hold the baby monitor and some cute family pictures and little trinkets.

2. As I mentioned earlier, I'm in love with this bedding. Meaghan said she liked patterns, so I pulled some colors from the Owl set and picked out some contemporary pillows to toss in the crib. The crib skirt is striped fabric that you can cut and literally just hang from underneath, or pin to the mattress. I chose a soothing sage green solid sheet to compliment the owl print, and I would love to pamper baby in super soft high thread count. Nothing but the best for baby! And hopefully, it would help with a rare good nights sleep. Hey, you can dream ;)

3. I'm a texture person, so I picked floor length, super silky curtains, and a large, soft sheepskin rug that both you and baby won't want to step off of. The floor lamp is covered with paper with a spiraly wire frame to give it some form, and it provides a nice soft ambience (and only $15!!). The table lamp is capiz shells. This is very contemporary, and pretty trendy, but you can't get much more texture than this!

4. Now for the best part of this baby paradise, the whimsical details! These deer wall decals are SO cute, and don't overpower the room since they're plain white. I wanted something behind the crib to add some personality to the blank space, but I didn't want anything unsafe for baby. Enter the tree decal! Since there were so many fun trees in the owl bedding, I decided to play them up just a little more. You can find thousands with a quick "tree wall vinyl" google search. Also, I can't begin to explain how excited I was to see this new Poang chair cushion at my Ikea trip in Philly. Oh how I wish it was out just a few months ago when we got our Poang chairs! As much as I wanted more trees in here, I decided to stop them there and just use a green cushion in the foot rest. If you're looking for more of a rocking chair to put baby to sleep, they actually make a rocker version of this chair now. Score for Ikea again!

5. From the foot cushion, I decided to put a little more green in the room with the Bumbo. I never heard of this until I met my neices, and fell in love with this adorable "babysitter." I threw in a simple wood toy dangler from Ikea as the only toy. Although I didn't include it in this picture, there are endless options for toy storage. I like this open bin clear storage to help your growing child keep their toys organized. I love clear storage bins to keep my space neat but still somewhat visible, and I REALLY love labels. Also, having this large storage system with so many different compartments for different types of toys, it should be fairly easy to use the toy in/toy out rule when it comes to accumulation of toys. Just try not to collect past capacity of this piece of furniture when it comes to toys, and when a toy comes, in, a toy goes out to make room. I know it's hard with the grandparents spoiling the little booger, but it's worth a try!

6. Lastly, or maybe it should have been firstly, I picked a very subdued, soothing shade of greenish blue called Vermeer by Ralph Lauren. I'm a big fan of their paints because the most used room in our house is the only one with Ralph Lauren paint, and it's also the only one that hasn't needed a touch up from scuffs or wear and tear like all our Behr and Valspar paints. Sounds like a winner for descrtucto baby's room!

I look forward to the day I can design in person, especially in a fun kids space!

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