Thursday, November 19, 2009

Table for 12... Million.

We decided to get some use out of the beautiful table setting I'm so proud of with dinner tonight, and I thought why not invite all of our friends over for a meal as well? Small problem; our table only seats 6. But a blog seats MILLIONS. Drew spent all day slaving over the crock pot and made some tasty potatoes and served them along side some delicious ribs. So grab a chair (or most likely, just sit where you are) and come join us! I hope you're hungry!

I love these plates soooo much. They go with any and every color, and even though it's a pattern, it's a simple pattern that can also tie in with any design.

Before noms:

After noms:

And it wouldn't be a romantic dinner with Drew without a spill! He's been spilling his meal since the first day, scratch that, the first HOUR, we met. And that's why I love him.

My glass is always half full. Cause that's all I can fit in my tummy.

So glad you could join us for dinner. I hope you enjoyed yourself! We're stuffed.

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