Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Cure/Craft Room Update.

Although I've been a little behind on the actual Fall Cure steps on Apartment Therapy, I'm still working hard at my attic craft room. When I went to IKEA in Philly, I stocked up on a good amount of organizational supplies. I mixed and matched different styles of the kitchen organization systems, and stood at one of the IKEA kitchen counters for a good 30 minutes mapping out how it would fit in my angled wall space. It was SO worth it. This evening I finally installed the system, and put all my supplies on it:

I also got a bunch of cheap, white containers for my scrapbooking supplies, random crafts, scrap fabric, and magazines. I'm planning to build shelves like that white shelf turned on it's side. This was just to test how it would look. I'm glad it will take up a lot of the dead space and make it more usable:

That big star light is brand new at IKEA. It was in the holiday section, but was a great accessory for my night sky feel. It really gives off a nice, warm glow.

So as a recap, here's the before:

And the not quite after/in-between:

I still have a lot more organizing to do with all the misc wedding and backpack stuff on the right, and I can't wait to paint. I decided on the color "Sullivan" by Ralph Lauren in the Urban Loft series, of course. Stay tuned for more!


  1. I love your craft space! Your space just exudes creativity!!

  2. What a great little hobbit hole! I love seeing things all lined up and organized like that. Good for you!