Thursday, November 12, 2009

Roomboard: Melinda's Main Squeeze.

Although this was my second room to makeover from pictures of an already existing space, it was my first big challenge since the last one was a bathroom with the (permanent) bones already there. This bedroom belongs to Melinda. I made her the Wizard of Oz room a couple weeks ago for fun. However, she wants to keep the wall color and the main furniture, but make it look more grown up.

Like most women, she’s a big fan of Target. Who isn’t? Their stuff is stylish AND affordable. So I decided to use only Target purchases in this room as part of my challenge. And a challenge it was. I had to break down and cheat in the end by using fabric from another website for the curtain and the cushion on the end of the bed, but that’s it! Surprisingly, Target doesn’t have such a wide array of curtain patterns in black and white as I hoped. Now let’s break it down!

1. Melinda already had 2 black bookshelves that looked like they got a lot of use, so I wanted to incorporate them in a way that they’d be even more functional. I stuck them behind the chair so she can have her books within reach while she’s lounging around, and she can used these frosted storage bins to hold all her odds and ends. To make it less of a library, I put some chic contemporary accessories on the top shelf. She already had a white bedside table, so I took it from her bedside and used it as a side table for the chair. Suddenly the dark bookshelves aren’t dark at all!

2. She has a dresser that she has painted many times, but what’s one more coat for good measure? I chose a charcoal color (try Ralph Lauren's Urban Loft line in Bleeker) so it’s a little darker than the knobs so they still stand out, but not quite as dark as the bookshelves since it’s a large piece that will be standing alone. She already has those super modern pulls, so the only investment in this piece is more of that paint! I pulled some design cues from a dining room buffet by flanking the drawers with two lamps, a centerpiece of lemons in a circular bowl and a crisp black and white portrait behind it.

3. The chest in front of the bed was also an existing furniture piece that was up against a wall. I moved it in front of the bed and chose the charcoal color again for this piece to tie in the dresser since they’re two different styles. I picked a very thick, white textured fabric cushion to go on top so Melinda has a place to put on and take off her shoes.

4. The only furniture I added in were a headboard and the side tables. The headboard is an easy DIY, but this headboard came with the picture. Since Melinda’s room is upstairs with sloping walls, I wanted to bring in lots of reflective surfaces, so I chose these mirrored side tables. They not only add sparkle and light, but lots of glam as well!

5. Now onto all those wonderful fabrics! I chose a clean, modern circle pattern bedding since it wasn’t busy, but still had some pizzazz. I chose two charcoal pillows with a damask pattern (for $15!!) to pull in the side chair design and the color of the chest and dresser, and a yellow/white tie die effect pillow to go front and center to pull in the wall color and add a touch of personality. The window sheers are a burnout pattern to pull out the design in the punchy yellow pillow, and the center panel is fabric I pulled online from Timeless Treasures. I also found the fabric pattern on that side chair online, so it can be bought and used to recover her existing papasan chair, if she chooses to keep it. Although it’s a lot of different patterns, using only 4 colors to tie them altogether helps keep the look cohesive.

6. Next up, those accessories! As you can tell, I pulled in my usual circles and squares. It’s easy to design a room just mixing and matching those two shapes. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted lots of reflective accessories and surfaces to make the room feel larger. So I chose that super chic sunburst mirror to shed some light on the dark colored shelves, which has little capiz shell details. I love those ball lamps, but instead of the usual acrylic balls, I went with chrome to inject some industrial chic in this space along with the bowl on top of the dresser. I picked this bowl because it has the same look of the bedspread, and filled it with lemons to pull in that punchy yellow pillow from the pillow and curtain panel. I also used one more bright yellow detail with that daisy flower dish on the chair side table. This can be used to hold Melinda’s rings, earrings and any other little trinkets. I put in some pale pink flowers in a black and white vase to match up with the candle holder on top of the bookshelves, and add a personal touch with her initial on it. The frame around the large picture is actually bronze, which is pulled from the pharmacy lamp beside the bed, and picks up the tones in the wood vase that is on the book shelves. I went along with my trusty black framed, white matted black and white portraits over the bed since it’s a classic look that works in any space. I chose black lampshades to detain the ambience to a close proximity, and I only used table lamps make the room feel more cozy and elegant. No harsh lights in this peaceful getaway!

A lot of things in this room can be DIY’d, from the lampshades to the curtains. Here’s some tips:

Curtains are so easy to make. Just measure from top to bottom how long you want the panels, then add 4 inches to the top and 2 inches to the bottom for seam allowances. As for the width, measure the width of your window, and that will be how wide you want ONE panel to be. Don't forget to add another 4 inches to your width measurement for seam allowances. I just used a store bought panel as an example when sewing the pocket for the rod, and it was piece of cake.

In this picture, the headboard came with the bedspread picture I found online. But you can just cover painting canvases with fabric and hang them in a grid, or if you’re really handy you can nail three 2x2 pieces of wood together in the width of your bed and as tall as you want, and nail batting and a solid fabric to it.

The chest cushion for the end of the bed is an easy DIY project as well. Cut some foam to the size of the chest, then sew on some fabric. Next, tack on some straps to tie around the top door of the chest. That way every time you open it, the cushion stays put. Of course, you need a little sewing know how, but if you can find something in your house that’s similar, just study how it’s made and jump in and try it!

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