Monday, October 19, 2009

Apartment Therapy Fall Cure.

I'm lightly dabbling in the Apartment Therapy Fall Cure (can you tell I'm obsessed with that site?!) and thought I'd post some of my inspiration for the room I hope to "cure" before the 8 weeks are up... my craft room! Sadly, this is what it looks like currently. It was was my uncle's old bedroom, and definitely straight out of the 70's. I thought I'd work with the wood paneling, rather than against it.

Since it's an attic, and covered in wood paneling, I thought I would make it feel like a treehouse. I love outdoors at my dad's at night, peace and quiet in the country. At the moment, the idea is to leave the most sloped part of the ceiling wood paneling to mimic a tree house roof, and paint the sides a deep navy color to mimic the night sky. I initially wanted to go a lighter color, since it's been so gloomy up there. However, I've realized when done correctly, dark rooms feel cozy and have been more inspiring to me than light and bright. I need an inspiring space to craft!

I want to find some star shapes to hang from the ceiling in groups. This picture was the best I could find as an example with my chosen wall color, along with almost the exact shade of the paneling in this wood:

As an accent, I've fallen in love with mustard yellow and chartreuse. I have a white poang chair I worried would stick out too much, but looking at these mixed with the yellows/greens, I think it goes nicely and helps make the deep wall color feel less harsh:

That last picture makes me really excited about the color on the shade of my leg lamp. Yes, A Christmas Story leg lamp :)

Hopefully my vision comes together as I invision it. It's getting really cold upstairs so I won't be able to use the space all that much for the time being, but I'm hoping for some warmer days to work on the room. In the mean time, I can't wait to thrift for some accessories and hopefully husband will help put together some shelves for all my stuff! He's becoming a pro after all the deck work.

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