Thursday, October 29, 2009

Roomboard: Follow The Yellow Brick Road.

I'm getting cheesy with titles, but I've never been good at them to begin with. Last night I was talking to another friend who wanted to redo her bedroom. She just wanted something sophisticated, but this woman has loved the Wizard of Oz as long as I've known her. So of course I had to use that as my next inspiration!

I just love this room. It's way more sophisticated than I thought Wizard of Oz could be, and actually, more than I could have ever planned out for my own space. Let's break it down!

  1. The Target wicker frames are based off of Dorothy's basket.
  2. The Walmart bedspread was a more grown up interpretation of her dress.
  3. The Target capiz chandelier table lamp comes from the sparkles in the wand. I didn't realize it until after I showed it to my friend that even the pole on the lamp matches the stem on her wand! Sometimes I even surprise myself ;)
  4. The roses "stemmed" from her shoes (that was an easy one!) and the gold square vase, the yellow brick road! I thought to put those two inspirations together since her shoes are what's connected to the yellow brick road in the movie! See now how they're even on top of each other? You can find roses, real and fake, anywhere, along with a simple block vase, so I just pulled it off Google Shopping.
  5. The bedside table I pulled from both her hair and Toto. I'm big on dark furniture because it's very modern, and mixes well with traditional pieces without sticking out as two completely different styles. I also pulled this piece from Google Shopping, but it can be easily replicated at Target.
  6. The Ikea sheepskin rug and the Urban Outfitter's headboard weren't necessarily pulled from the inspirational photos, but I wanted to make the pieces I did pull feel more luxurious and grown up. If I could put them with any of the photos, I would call her shirt, since the bedspread is her dress. But that's really going out on a limb to try and make excuses on how I came up with those two!
  7. The paint color is light and airy, and picked out from a picture of about 30 paint chips online. I have no idea what color it is, but I wish I knew now. It's nothing like my taste in colors, but it's a great color for a peaceful retreat.

My friend is on a budget, as we all should be, so I wanted to pick affordable options to update her space. Grand total for this room is about $500 with the options I chose. The headboard alone is $300, but I plan to try and whip up my own version soon. Hopefully for much less, since we're purchasing the power tools this week!

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