Monday, June 28, 2010

I REALLY Love Keep Cup.

Brace yourself. This will be long. Remember this post where I mentioned that I bought a $7 fake Keep Cup? It was a great buy. It’s ceramic so you don’t feel the heat almost at all, especially through the grip. The lid is easy to attach, and to be honest, I spend a lot of time peeling it off and putting it back on because of how cool it latches onto the cup. I’m just weird like that. It fit in my Mini Cooper’s cup holder with only a little struggle, which was the main reason I bought it. I was content.

Until I got an e-mail. Possibly the most awesome e-mail I’ve gotten in years. It was Keep Cup, and they wanted to ship me one. As I read it, I thought it was a joke. Seriously, who googled my blog and wanted to play such an awful prank on me? So I went to Keep Cup’s website, and it was a legit email. Then I had to rub my eyes and read it again. Were they really asking me to put together my own Keep Cup to send to me? I was grinning ear to ear. My eyes may have teared up from overjoy. I may have also run around the halls at work bragging, called my husband, and my MOM to tell them what just happened. YES PLEASE! I WANT KEEP CUP!


It was the longest wait of my life. In reality, it was only a week or so. But knowing that I’m waiting for my precious to ship all the way over from Australia was a little torturous. It ended up coming on a Friday. While I was at work. Sent Certified. :(. So I had to go to the post office on Saturday to pick it up. In true Samantha/I Heart Mini style… I got it after I went Estate Saling with my mom.

I’d never received a “Post” from Australia before, so I was already won over just by the package. Are you bored yet? Let me just get right to the details. I went to my favorite coffee bar (aka, my kitchen) and took it for a spin.

It’s plastic. I started getting nervous that I would have to hold a hot cup once I actually touched the plastic. I put hot coffee in it, and was shocked to realize it only got a little warm. Holding it by the band grip, I didn’t feel said heat. It was awesome.

The lid looks kind of like a baby wipe top. This may sound funny to some, but I think that’s what makes it extra cute. It also slides to cover the hole you drink out of to keep your coffee warm, then over to a dummy hole while you drink. My Fake did NOT have this option, and my coffee got cold before I could finish drinking it. And I know this sounds completely silly, I’m almost embarrassed to type this, but it’s actually comfortable to drink out of. Like, it was molded for my mouth.

For all you Kuerig fans out there- You can fill the Medium size Keep Cup with the large coffee option. I didn’t know this, and I filled it with the SMALL option, since that’s all my Fake could hold. Can you believe my Fake was TALLER than my Keep Cup, and held LESS liquid? Big, extra fluffy bonus points to Keep Cup. More coffee for my money!

The band has options for you to marker for your favorite coffee spot (if your local coffee shop doesn’t already have your bosses order memorized, like my work-adjacent Starbucks :P). I obviously won’t need this since I brew frou-frou Kuerig coffee, like German Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Glazed Donut. FYI: those options aren’t listed on the band, but this just means you’re extra special because you have fancier stuff than Starbucks. So you can have some of those bonus points too.

-For the Mini Cooper owners: This is honestly, truly, really, seriously the best cup for the Mini that I’ve ever found. Why? It. Fits. PERFECT in the cup holder. I love my Mini. It’s my second one I’ve owned, so I have 5 years of experience knowing that Mini makes life really difficult when it comes to storing cups in the front. It has to sit under the toggles, and be out of the way of the gear shifter. This is NOT an easy task. Please trust me on this (or agree if you own a Mini. Pound it!). The Keep Cup slides in like it was literally made for a Mini Cooper with zero hesitation or struggle. I couldn’t say that about my Fake, and I thought that was still the best fit I could find without having to order a special Mini brand mug. It sits low (while still holding my large option coffee!). It sits out of the way. And you can’t tell me it’s not the cutest little cup your Mini will ever hold.


It’s no secret that I love small, cute things, and talk about them like they’re my child. But I was not let down with my Keep Cup. I enjoyed picking out the color and size options, and waiting for it to ship/Post from Australia. But I enjoy it even more now that it’s in my hands. Now I just want 100 more so I don’t have to go through the agony of waiting for the dishwasher to run and clean it every night. Yeah, it’s dishwasher safe, so that’s the only logical way to clean it. Because I can ;)

I feel a little snotty walking around with it, cause I know how uncomfortable those hands and mouths are sipping out of those cheap Starbucks cups. Meanwhile, I have a cup with character and comfort. Also, my coffee is 45 cents a cup. Sip on that!



    Yeh, it's pretty cool! :) It's so funny what we get excited about isn't it? Loved how happy you were about the postage bag, lol. :)

  2. Congratualations to your own cup! I m so jealous :D.

  3. I just received my very own Keep Cup and and because I'm a complete nerd and I totally adore my new cup, I googled "keep cup" and found this post... funny :)

  4. I'm so glad I found this post, haha. We just got a Keurig for Christmas, so like the cute-addicted person I am, I immediately began searching for the most adorable travel cup possible. Definitely purchasing two of these babies!

    I'll probably blog about them as well... hooray for cute things!