Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Roomboard: Beth’s Nursery.

Before finding out the gender of my sister and brother-in-law's second baby, my SIL, Beth, and I talked about what she would do with her spare room she's turning into a nursery. Without knowing the gender, but having a good idea on the style she likes, I came up with this nursery.

It screams girl right now with the pinks and greens, but it can be easily changed over to a sweet, traditional boys room with some quick switches and even some things staying exactly the same. The pink in the paisley bedding can be switched out with blue. The lanterns and Martha Stewart Pom Poms above the bed can also be switched out from pink to blue. The Anthropologie dresser knobs and the trim around the Pottery Barn lamp can also be switched out. Easy changes, big difference.

However, if you want to take it a step further, you can change out the delicate birdcage for something a little more masculine, like a wooden horse. Or change out the lamp base with a more traditional white spindle base and add a dash of color with a blue or green lampshade.

Since money is tight on a budget, plus already having one kid and trying to move, I tried to give an idea of a very simplistic room that's still high on style. Just throw in your basic white furniture, some bedding in simple colors you can pick up anywhere like Target or Walmart, and stay simple with the accessories in colors that coordinate with the bedding. The window treatment is simple yet elegant, and completely gender neutral. Just hang a bamboo shade on the window and flank it with two sheer curtains on a rod. Since baby needs something to stare at when they're laying in the crib, I've seen this time and time again: lanterns and pom poms. I've seen lanterns at the dollar store, and the pom poms are just tissue paper made pretty.

Easy, right?

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