Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: More Diversity Finds.

I went to Diversity Thrift on my lunch break a few weeks ago, and was on a hunt for some more accessories to bring in some color or shine to the living room and dining room. My hope is to bring in some floating shelves in both spaces to hold some cute treasures that show more of my personality. Since, you know, those Americanized Sofas aren’t bringing enough sexy back for you. In due time they will come, young grasshoppers. You know I’m slow.

IMG_6343 First up, that milk jug was way too cute to pass up. I want to paint it soooo bad, but I don’t know if I’ll really have the heart to. I love it though, also, it was 2 DOLLAH.

IMG_6345 That cute little owl is part of my ever growing collection of Avon containers. It’s not intentional, but Avon is the bomb at designing attractive aftershave and perfume containers. My mom had a collection when I was a kid. He ended up in the bathroom. I’ve been looking for an ivory colored owl to go in there forever. I almost gave up hope and was going to spray paint one then OMG this one said “pick me! pick me!”


This little pink cup will probably end up in the kitchen. I was thinking about making a little coffee station, and since we use splenda packets, we can stick them in here next to our Kuerig.


That little teacup really shined up. After I bought these two dishes and polished them up, I developed another obsession. How cute did it turn out? And that sweet pink rose on top melts my heart.


IMG_6409 Then the pony. Oh my god the carousel pony.


I want to paint him too. I love spray paint. But the colors are so sweet, I don’t know if I will. He’s still looking for a home, so I may do a switcheroo around until he gets one.



  1. I need to get better at finding the little things to style with! That owl just rocked my world... and the pony is great as-is!

  2. The funny thing is, the owl AND the pony were both of the items that just popped out at me as I was leaving the store! I spent most of my lunch hour looking for specific things, then on my way out, there they were. I can't stand that I only find the best stuff when I'm not looking :)

  3. Everytime I see that owl it makes my heart sing. I have the same bottle and he sits on my window in the kitchen (makes washing dishes a happier experience).