Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Kitchen Renovation: Take Cover!

The cover panels. The missing puzzle piece to our cabinets. When we installed these last night, it literally felt “finished.”

Here is what we were working with the last 3 years. The holes are for the brackets that hold our shelves:

IMG_6573 Pretty stark. Now with a cover panel:


IMG_6574 Then the Decor Strip. I’m in love :)

IMG_6579 Then the other side of the kitchen. Sadly at my eye level, I can see the cabinet frame, that’s Birch. You can see here how we worked the pink mixer into the design thanks to my Target napkins!

IMG_6582 Same for my happy red microwave.


Now for the really exciting news… Our new fridge is being installed today! The only appliance we had to buy for this reno :D I’m currently laying in bed, awaiting it’s arrival. Look out for the review on Friday, so we’ll have about a week to get to know it better!

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