Friday, June 25, 2010

A Head of Roses.

I’ll just get right to it. I’m a copycat. It wasn’t intentional! I just saw this headband on one of the best people in the whole world’s head, fell in love, realized I had EVERYTHING I need to make one just like it… and it just happened. I have a headband now too. It’s beautiful. The colors look awesomeeeee on my blonde hair, and when I pair it with a coral shirt, I feel like the bees knees. Or in this shirt’s case, Minnie Mouse.


Here’s where I saw it first:

That’s “Salt.” Isn’t she gorgeous? I know her IRL


She owned 2 Mini Coopers as well :). She has the most lovely voice and her outfits make me swoon. Suffice to say, she could make an outfit out of chopped liver look like… a designer outfit. Cause I don’t wear spensive clothes or know a lot of spensive label names. I mean, I’m making a headband out of scraps. But her headband was perfection. I needed it. I got it.


It was completely 100% free. I just pulled apart my leftover Dollar Store flowers, glued pearls from a necklace I broke a couple weeks ago in the centers, and attached it to a headband that came in a pack I bought to make cow ears with E6000 glue. I’ve worn it just about everyday since it was invented. And I <3 it.

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  1. You did such a fantastic job on it! I'm thinking maybe you should pull apart some more Dollar Store flowers and sell those things!

    And you are gorgeous too, friend! Thank you so much!