Saturday, June 19, 2010

Roomboard: Busse Bathroom.


The Busse’s came to me to help them redesign their guest/kids bathroom, and come up with a “youthful contemporary” look. I decided to use a fresh, modern palette. Not just for the kids, ages 2 and 4, to grow into, but also to appeal to any age since it’s the main bathroom people use at parties. The biggest issue that I know about in the bathroom is the old linoleum floors that are currently in there. I mentioned for them to pick up some inexpensive peel and stick tile from Home Depot to lay on top. I know from my own experience they’ve held up really well the last 3 years with all kinds of splashing, leaking, and tons of traffic with no signs of wear or buckling. And it couldn’t be easier to install!

I started researching the price of vanities, knowing theirs was in the ballpark of 5+ feet, and realized I wasn’t anywhere close in my price guesstimate. I was finding generic white vanities with generic cultured marble tops for almost a thousand dollars! Even Ikea’s most simple design was $550. I think it’s probably best to salvage what they have already and freshen it up with some white paint.

The rest of their house has so much fun, inviting colors (except the master bedroom. what’s up with that, guys?!) that I wanted to add yet another color to their home palette: blue! Since the curtain has so many colors to jump off of, I decided green would be the biggest accent color. I went a little crazy with the main accessories all being from Target since they’re so dang affordable :). This included the funky bright green bath rug, the stripey Hand towel, green bath sheet, and that glorious “Shakira” Shower curtain.

They wanted some storage solutions for the kids bath toys that can be put away for parties. Did I mention how fun this couple is? They love to have people over, but the girls have a whole lotta toys! I chose these Storage bins, also from Target, to hold all their play items. The best part about this is they interlock, and come apart, really easily. The possibilities are endless on how to put them together. As you can see in the picture, one of the bins has the opening facing up, while the others face out. If storage is an issue under the sink because of pipes or other things you have hidden, you can interlock them like a Tetris L (but rotating the L counterclockwise so it lays 3 bins on the bottom) and have only one bin facing out, and the others up to catch toys like a basket. Then just pick it up, and set it in the cabinet. Easy Parcheesy.

I know I use these a lot, but they’re so versatile I just can’t help it! I love, love, love these Anthropologie Knobs, and they come in all the colors of the curtain for you to mix or match. I found the Artwork on Etsy, and thought it would be perfect in an intricate, vintage frame painted white.

So what do you think? Would you enjoy a space like this as a toddler? I think I’d enjoy it right now :)

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  1. love the cabinents and also painting them will save $$ which I like even more. the storage is great, but not sure how it would fit yet. And of course the green rug is perfect for you know who, whose favorite color is green! thanks so much samantha!