Monday, January 17, 2011

The Biggest Winner.

I’ve mentioned many times how I have the most fantastic place of employment. We’re all about making people healthy, including the staff. So for the month of December (which includes the ever-so-unhealthy holidays) our dieticians ran a contest to maintain or lose weight. They kept talking about how everyone who enters and accomplishes the goal of AT LEAST maintaining got a $30 gift card to Whole Foods, and was entered into a raffle for a “big prize.”

They actually had me wrap the present, so I did what I do best: The finest dang paper wrapping on this side of the universe. As we all met up to celebrate our accomplishments over some delicious snacky food, they did the drawing. Someone volunteered to pull the name, and I sat to the side just admiring my wrap job. Then the name was called. MY name. All I could think about was how now I have to rip open that perfect wrap job. Not the fact that I just WON SOMETHING.

They kept building it up as a huge prize, something that everyone who didn’t win would wish they got. I knew it was heavy, and fragile, because I saw it all over the box before I wrapped it and carefully walked it over to the table for the lucky (HAHA SUCKASSSS) winner. So I ripped it open and found this:

For real for real the 250gb one. I was actually about to cry.

See, many moons ago, my hussy got me a sweet birthday present.


And then he threw me a party to play with it and my friends. But the only picture we got the whole night was of Rupert going nuts over the fish game. (and wow, look at those red walls, black trim, and killer college dorm  worthy décor!) (and OH HAYYY VINTAGE TUBE ((lame excuse for a)) TV!)


But then I realized I got fat. And he proposed. So we joined a gym, and the wii was neglected. So he sold it for an Xbox for him (awesome trade, right?) which ended up getting the three rings of death three hours later.

That was an awful experience. But as time went on, the Xbox continued to get crappier and soon refused to read discs when it was PMSing or some junk, so he decided to sell it when I brought home the Black Beauty. I call that The Sale That Almost Didn’t Happen because it decided to work FINE when I got Blackie, but pooped out when the final call was made to make the deal to sell it. Poor thing.

But to make up for the Wii/Xbox trade Hussy so kindly made, I made him take the proceeds from his Xbox sale to buy me some Kinect games. So after hours of watching Youtube videos of it, I purchased Dance Central. It’s pretty much the most awesome game I’ve played in a long time. Hard to believe we’ve come this far since my DDR glory days. Which, by the way, I kicked butt on. Even while sliding across the floor on those stupid mats.


The worst part? I probably wouldn’t have even won if I wasn’t so deathly ill a couple weeks ago. It was thanks to my virus and lack of appetite that I lost 6 pounds. Hopefully with my new prize, I’ll lose even more, but with the eating.

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