Monday, January 10, 2011

A Kitchen Renovation: The Grand Reveal.

Finally, after much anticipation (and a comment from a follower saying she googled my counters, kicking my butt in gear) here’s the Official Grand Reveal!

BUT, we must start off from the beginning. When it was my grandparent’s kitchen. With 3 different types of cabinets, 6 mismatched appliances, 100% of them broken, and the same paint color that was throughout the entire house: Old Yeller.


Now I present to you: her Mocha Deliciousness.


The sink area was always a little messy.


To quote Edgar Allan Poe, “nevermore.”


It went from side by side top loading (and broken) washer/dryers,


To stackable dreamies.



We tore down the original 1950’s steel rusties,



To make room for our Red Rider Microwave and pseudo-bar (and bonus-points-worthy Kill Bill weaponry station in the back).


It took 3 months of DIY-intense labor, but it was SO worth it. The only things we hired out for were the electrical (since we had exposed outlets wired to the top of our counters) and plumbing (since it was all original, and needed updating behind the wall). All of the cabinet building, floor laying, appliance installing, interior plumbing, splackling, and misc screwing/hammering/gluing/painting was 100% us. It’s just hard to believe we went from this


To this.


Now that’s, Divine.

(you can check out the full serious of “A Kitchen Renovation” here)

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