Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I’m Such a Show Off!

At least, on The DIY Show Off!

The DIY Show Off


So if you’ve stumbled upon my blog from there, welcome :) My husband and I spent about 3 months and $3,000 renovating our kitchen with our own bare hands, and I’m so proud that it took so little to make such a huge impact. In fact, I was so excited to post the grand reveal, that I completely forgot to show a single shot of my DIY curtains… which are really just Target napkins sewn together.

Product Image Home Floral Napkin Set of 4 - Red (20x20")

(HEY YOU: the green/blue version of these napkins are on clearance RIGHT NOW for next to NOTHING in price. The pattern is gorgeous, so go check them out before they’re gone!!)

Product Image Home Floral Tablecloth - 60x84

[IMG_6582[3].jpg] [IMG_6583[3].jpg]

I posted some of these pictures already back in the summer, but I think those big red puff balls, red microwave, yellow and orange hand towels and pink mixer make a little more sense when you can see the one thing in the room that pulls them together.

[IMG_9333[4].jpg] IMG_9493IMG_9507

And although I left the obvious seams, I pretend it’s just character. ((Really, it’s laziness. Shhhhhh.))



So I hope all you new followers/readers/visitors will come back and join me some more. I’m so pumped to be featured (Thanks Roeshel! I love your site!) and even more excited to get to know more fellow bloggers. DIY Show Off is a huge source for finding awesome new inspiration from the blogging community, and I’m forever amazed at all the fantastic ideas people come up with and do themselves. I like to think I’m creative, but not as much as most of you guys!

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