Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So Flakey.

I told you a couple weeks ago about the fun new ornaments I got at Target on Clearance. Namely, this snowflake ornament in the background


I got 9 of them for 50% off, which came up to $1 a piece. They’re made with wood as the flake glued onto a thick colorful felt outline. I ended up going back for one last hunt when they were marked to 75% off and only found 1 more, but I got it anyhow.

Then came the dilemma of putting them away so soon after I bought them when they match my new finds at Crate and Barrel so well. So, I improvised.


I kept the mantle super simple, using just the vases I got on  clearance at Crate and Barrel.


Oh, and Rupert.


He’s such a camera whore.

I also found these pillow cases for $3 at C&B.


They had boxes of these things, and since I have 16x16 pillows laying around already, so I’ll take the $17 savings to not have it already stuffed. Especially since I only paid $2 for the insides!

Now let it snow IRL!


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