Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Magic Carpet Ride.

Our living room has had it’s fair share of different flooring. Lets take a trip down memory lane.



The problem with the latest one is that the cats apparently liked it as much as we did. As in it became TO’ UP FROM THE FLO’ UP. Because… it was the floor.

So we were walking down the aisles of the almighty bulk country that is Costco when my hands felt the most softest rug ever.  I just stood there rubbing it like my Baby Rube. But Hussy said we needed to keep shopping, so it was touch and go. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I kept thinking about how much our kitties would like it as much as I did, so he promised that we would go back and get it with our fun money a few days later when we got paid.

Like a true woman, I didn’t let him forget that statement.

But Friday I got a migraine. Saturday I ended up doing a MAJOR project, then we went to my sister in law’s party. So Sunday he PROMISED we’d finally get that rug. Guess where yours truly is posting from this very moment? Yeah, that $125 piece of heaven.


For the record: I was right about the kitties. Rupert has been munching on this carpet/BFF since we laid it down. When we went grocery shopping, we came back home to see he brought his new friend one of my sweaters to keep it warm. And that purple ball above for it to play with. He’s a silly Rube.


So if you live near a Costco, please do yourself a favor and at least touch it. Also, that major project I mentioned earlier, is like, major. So major you have to wait for it. Just know I spent 3 straight hours killing my back and legs transforming the room that is now holding that TO’ UP jank.

At least I have this big plush rug to comfort my rear parts ;)

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