Monday, January 3, 2011

I’m Blue Da Ba Dee Dab Agave.

I left you off with this shot of the current dining situation:


And the fact I appear to not be able to make up my mind when it comes to updating one stinking room:


I loved the white rooms with simple accessories and high contrast/ dark furniture I’ve been searching on the internet. I even loved it in person. It brought in so much light that the wood paneling sucked out. However, as much as I love to look at those spaces, and really favor them online over anything else, I realized I just can’t live without color in person. Also, I’m indecisive. And possibly just like having one more thing to frustrate the Hussy. So I set off to find another paint color for the room!


I even did custom mixes and fell in love with several colors, but tried to make sure it fit in with the rest of the house’s color schemes. Not like I really care, because I don’t mind the whole small house/jarring painting scheme from room to room thing that the pros tell you to avoid. But I did want a slight cohesion so I could mix and match accessories.

And after all that work playing with colors, I ended up with that one blue color that happened to be the exact shade I planned to put on a buffet to use as my pop of color.


I have to thank Behr personally for their staff emailing me the color used in one of their commercials, and I took it a shade lighter and ended up with this gorge room color, Agave:


Which reminds me… I haven’t done a Thrifty Thursday in many, many Thursdays. So we’ll save Mr. Owl for that one Smile But one thing you can’t see in the photos is my touch of quirkiness/stupid lolspeak to help remind you what to do in this room.


lol. nom nom nom. bon enjoy-your-meal.

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