Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: OWL BE BACK.

Thrifty Thursday said it will be back. And it is. YAY!!!

Submitted for the approval of the midnight society, I call this story “Mr. Owl.”


I found him at Goodwill around Halloween for $12.25. I had ideas of spraypainting him, but I think he has a nice looking brass. har.


He’s made himself right at home in the dining room, though still awaiting my purchase of a buffet for him to perch.


But the best part of this story is finding his twin online.


Really? Estimate of $100-$150? I mean, owls ARE all the rage, but I even cringed spending $12. This has been a “starting bid” for weeks, so it’s not much to go on.

So I searched a little deeper into cyberspace and… Wait. People are REALLY bidding on this other twin on ebay? The current bid as of Sunday night was $43.owlebay

The shipping alone is more than I paid for it WITH TAX! I squealed about it to hussy, who immediately screamed back from the Xbox Command Center to sell mine. No way!

But the real kicker was the final bid. The one that sent this little birdie flying home.


YES. $81. For my $12.25 thrift! I’m sorry for bragging, Dina Mae. It is a fine lamp. I did manage to pop a party hat shade from around the house on my Mr. Owl in time for our party though.




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